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Why Worms?

Well why not? There is no better fertilizer. Vermicast (worm poop) is ph neutral, can be put on your plants directly without burning them and is loaded with a diverse microbe flora that will make the soil nutrients available to your plants. You can feed many kinds of kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, shredded paper and cardboard to the worms and even keep them in the house. As long as you don’t over feed them, and as long as you keep that food covered with sheets of wet cardboard your worm bin will be odorless and will not attract flies. If you use a little vermicast to brew some “worm tea” overnight, in the morning the “tea” will be teeming with beneficial microbes which you can spray on your plants to repel hurtful insects and to inoculate the plants from various diseases, or you can apply it to the soil around the plants.

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